Suit Up With These 9 Interview Tips With The Avengers & Co.

interview tips Sep 15, 2021

Fighting off supervillains is one thing, but interviews? Now, that’s scary.

Fear not! We’ve assembled these interview tips so you can tackle your career launch and interviews with the confidence of a superhero!

1. Do your research, and target your company!

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You may have just heard of the company this morning, but a little research can make you sound like an expert!

This is the most important of our interview tips. Every company is different, so the best way to stand out will always be different—some companies care more about your technical skills, and others about your personality. So do your research!

  • What’s the company’s mission? How does it make you feel?
  • What do current employees say are the best skills to have? Can you learn or demonstrate them easily?
  • Has the company had any big events recently (publications, product launches, or mergers)?
  • What does the company culture seem like? Do you think you’d fit well into it?

Show you fit with the company’s mission and vision. You might just need the money from this job, but the more you can be genuinely excited about the company, the better off you’ll be in the interview and after getting hired.

2. Prepare to show, rather than tell, your qualifications. 

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You probably won’t get to beat up aliens in front of your interviewers, but you can still show that your qualifications aren’t just words!

Assemble a portfolio, even if your projects only seem partly related. (Previous class projects and essays work great for this!)

Tell stories in which you demonstrated their desired skills. Pick just 2–4 strong stories where you demonstrated different areas of expertise. That way, you save time and energy by not having to contextualize a dozen different stories.

3. Make sure you interview the company, too!


Black Widow taught us that even if we look powerless, we have more power than we think. Ask the right questions to confirm if you would be happy at this company. A few examples:

  • How would you describe the team or company culture?
  • What are the most common areas of growth for new hires in my position?
    • How do you implement a development plan for those areas?
  • What are some of this position’s everyday tasks?
  • What are the challenges of this position? The most rewarding parts?

If you can, try to avoid questions about compensation.

4. Practice!


You don’t want your interview filled with the awkwardness of the Avengers eating shawarma!  We can give interview tips all day, but practicing is the best way to iron out your answers and conversational skills. 

Conducting informational interviews with other employees beforehand will help train you for formal interviews—they’re low-stakes, informative, and helpful for:

  • Preparing the right questions to ask.
  • Keeping up conversation with a stranger.
  • Talking about your own professional journey (they’ll probably ask!)
  • Thinking up new questions on the fly.
  • Taking notes.

If you’re worried about specific interview questions, mock interviews with a friend or coach are great, too!

5. 10-15 minutes beforehand is the perfectly balanced time to show up.


According to Business Insider, showing up too early can make you look desperate or mess up your interviewers’ schedules. They can’t do this all day!

Do give yourself time to get lost, find parking, and find the office—but if you’re half an hour early, maybe listen to de-stress jams before heading inside.

Don’t be sloppy for video interviews, either. Interviewers might not care if you’re too early, but you want to be seated and ready 10–15 minutes beforehand. Check out how you look before the interview starts, not during, and have all your note-taking and reference materials ready.

6. Answer “tell me about yourself” with relevance, honesty, and confidence.

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Tony Stark’s summary of his Avengers position tells us a lot with a few words:

  • His skills and resources
  • His impact
  • His personality

Not the perfect “tell me about yourself,” but it says a lot!

The word “summarize” is key here: a quick, engaging, and relevant story about yourself is great, but don’t tell your whole life story! Look at the job description beforehand and summarize your experiences that speak to their desired skills.

  • What kind of work do you do?
  • What impact do you want to have?
  • How does that fit into this specific position? 

7. Talk about weaknesses in light of the lessons you learned.

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Employers expect that you’re not perfect (which should be a relief!), but they want to know how you react when you mess up.

Be honest, but don’t try to pick something critical (hating animals while applying to a vet clinic? Not great). Talk about how you’re improving and how it’s helping you be a better employee.

8. Talk about strengths with honest confidence (and see tip #2 again!)


Drax’s “skill” isn’t too important for you unless you’re applying to be a ninja, so keep it to something relevant to the job you’re applying for. Bring a specific story to show and not tell your strengths!

Honesty is key—if you make up or even exaggerate your strengths, you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you get hired and can’t live up to your words!

But take pride in what you know you have accomplished. Employers will be more confident about your skills if you’re confident in them first!

9. Respect your interviewers.


No matter how scared you are, your interviewers are real people, too! Like you, they have their own lives and hobbies, and they want to be liked.

  • Respect their time: be timely, and don’t make the interview three hours long.
  • Show interest in what they have to say, what they’ve accomplished, and what they’ve experienced. 
  • In video interviews, cover the video feed of yourself so you can focus on the interviewer(s).
  • If you can help out (a dropped paper to pick up, a door to hold open, etc.), help out!

Sometimes, the best way to stand out in an interview is just to be someone you’d want to hang out with more often!

You've got this!


These interview tips lay a great foundation for acing your next interview, but you’d probably like a little more help, right?

Got more questions about interview tips, or want to learn from others’ interview experiences? Talk to us on social media, or contact us today at our website!



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