If You Can Instagram, You Can Do a LinkedIn Job Search!

career planning linkedin job search virtual networking Jul 01, 2021

Job searching? Thank goodness you live in the age of LinkedIn! 

Career experts know that the best way to job hunt isn’t through applying to random job postings, but through networking: building relationships with people in your field. And LinkedIn simplifies networking like never before, so master the LinkedIn job search.

Sound scary? No worries: if you can Instagram, you can LinkedIn!


LinkedIn Job Search Through the Instagram Lens: Your Profile 

Have you ever thought about following someone on Instagram and then changed your mind because of how their profile looked?  We all subconsciously have an idea of what kind of people we want to follow. That goes even more for connections on LinkedIn!

Target your audience—potential employers or connections in your field—by making your profile show that you’re who they’re looking for. Do your research beforehand on what’s valuable in your field of interest!


  1. Your bio—I mean, your headline and “About You”

Your LinkedIn headline is kind of like your Instagram bio. What sets you apart? How do you get people interested in who you are in a few quick words? Your headline shows up with all your comments, too, so really make it an eye-catcher!

LinkedIn’s “About” section lets you elaborate, but don’t make it too chunky. Use icons and bullets (helps for mobile viewing!) to highlight:

  • What you do, for whom, and how (highlight your work’s measurable impact!)
  • Industries
  • Hard skills
  • Tech skills
  • Regions or global markets
  • Email or cell number

And please—avoid the vague clichés.


  1. Your profile picture

On both Instagram and LinkedIn, your profile picture makes your first impression, so make it count! What shows your best side and expresses your personality? Make sure to:

  • Use good lighting: looking like a Bigfoot sighting isn’t the best introduction.
  • Remember your photo will become very small! A full-body shot probably won’t show well.
  • Refrain from couple or group pictures. Recruiters want to know who you are—having multiple people in your profile picture can confuse them.


  1. Your experience

Ever follow a hashtag that hands you posts in Czech? On Instagram, it can still work out; on LinkedIn…not really. On LinkedIn, explain your experience in an understandable way to anybody you want seeing your profile (not just your mom or your nuclear physics professor). This means:

  • Write your job titles in human language, even if your official title is an unpronounceable blob of professional-ese. You want your profile to show up when recruiters search for job titles!
  • Don’t copy and paste your resume; your LinkedIn has a much wider audience.
  • Share what you did and its impact. You’ve got way more space here than on your resume to tell a story (do be professional and concise)! 

Don’t think you have any job experience to speak of? Read here to learn how to turn your “unrelated” experience into LinkedIn job search ammo!


  1. Your skills

(Okay, my Instagram analogy’s wobbling here for sure, but it’ll come in handy again later!)

At the time of writing, LinkedIn gives you 50 skill slots. Recruiters search these up, so make the most of that space! 

If multiple variations of the same skill appear, try a keyword researcher to see the most effective ones.

The skills on your profile need to change depending on who you’re trying to impress, so be sure to keep them updated and consistent with the brand of yourself that you want to sell.


LinkedIn Job Search Through the Instagram Lens: Networking and Researching


Polish your profile before you start the networking process! Don’t waste your time by leading your hard-won connections to a meh profile.

  1. Connect with content you enjoy.

With a quick search or a hashtag follow, Instagram helps you discover that amazing food vlogger or that chic new photographer.

LinkedIn’s search bar does the same thing for your professional life! The search possibilities are endless:

  • Join professional groups.
  • Research potential companies to work for.
  • Search for what jobs can use your expertise (you may be surprised!).
  • Look up profiles with job titles you want and see what skills they have.
  • Plug into the latest news in your field.

The content you follow directly leads to your new connections, so power up your news feed and get following!


  1. Likes and comments keep you connected!

I bet you can think of a TON of friends who you’d have no idea what’s going on with their lives if you weren’t following each other on Instagram.

Networking in the LinkedIn job search is the same idea! You can keep your name on the career radar by liking, commenting, and sharing. If a post resonates with you, re-share it with your two cents and a few hashtags. Think about how you can start conversations and form new connections organically!


  1. You never know what doors your connections could open! 

(I met my fiancé through an influencer sharing my content on Twitter, so yeah, I’m kind of a fan of making social media connections).

Play your cards right, and you could get a coveted referral! 

Referrals help you earn an employer’s trust—kind of like how if someone requests to follow your private Instagram account, you’re more likely to accept if your friends are already following them. 

Business Insider says, “Nearly 50% of recruiters say referrals are the leading source of quality hires, and if you receive a referral you're four times more likely to hear back from a recruiter.” That’s why the LinkedIn job search is so powerful!


Read here for more about talking to connections on LinkedIn—and landing internships or jobs!

All this to say: You CAN do the LinkedIn job search!


The crowds in your Instagram social life and your LinkedIn job search may look very different, but the idea remains the same: know your audience, polish your profile, and start good conversations, and you’ll be forming all the right relationships and opportunities on both platforms!

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