Darth Vader’s Guide to Life After College

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Darth Vader's Guide to Launching Your Career


Welcome, academy youngling. You have fought many an arduous duel to get here.

As I did, you spent hours in intellectual combat with your mentors, though they wield a far more fearsome weapon—finals. After endless days of studying at your desk, perhaps you feel that you, too, shall never walk on your own again. And after consuming gallons of that acidic, yet invigorating beverage—coffee, you say?—maybe you, too, shall breathe asthmatically for the rest of your days. You have passed through fiery trials and shall enrobe yourselves in black to be reborn as college graduates.

The Force shows me visions of what life after college shall look like for you. Though I am not your father, I shall advise you in what the Force has shown me, that you may be complete in your career readiness.


Discern your aspirations for life after college.

The Emperor will not hold your hand on the way to success—you require strength and proactivity to thrive in the Empire. You shall no longer have academy mentors to tell you exactly what you must do. I understand you shall have a myriad of potential goals calling for your attention, such as: 

  • Paying off your student loans
  • Pursuing a specific career
  • Moving out of your parents' house
  • Taking a perhaps hard-earned break
  • Furthering your education
  • Turning the neighboring galaxy to the dark side

Many therapists note that graduation frequently induces depression. If you feel overwhelmed and pressured, you are not alone.

Just as you cannot master the Force in a moment, accomplishing all of your goals will take time. So, you must decide what you most hope to accomplish first. If the discernment process is daunting, you may find help in consulting a therapist or a career coach.

But be careful not to choke on your aspirations, for your aspirations may change. You never know when an intergalactic war may alter your plans. Even if not, the Force is always a living, changing entity within you, and you may long for another path in several years. Thus, I suggest you peruse this article on how to plan your career flexibly, even amidst uncertainty.


Comparison is but a poison to achievement.

Even if your former academy classmate rises to become a Sith Lord tomorrow, focus not on their accomplishments, but on your own. Society will dictate that by a certain time in your life, you must have a stable career, a mate, a permanent residence, or a certain number of vehicles. You must ruthlessly destroy such voices in your mind.

Learn to delight in the progress you make towards your own goals, though it may be slower and less visible. If you have conquered only one planet, you have gained experience to help conquer a galaxy in the years to come.


Power does not come without risks.


I did not come to be commander of armies and destroyer of worlds by playing it safe. If your resources allow, you must seize the day. There will rarely be as optimal a time as now in your life after college to try something new: you may not want to try riskier things after settling into a full-time career.


Though you have not yet developed TIE fighters and lightsabers, your technology allows you to do much more than the generations before you could. You could:

  • Start your own business
  • Work towards a career outside of your field of study
  • Aspire to work in another country or galaxy


Should you choose not to continue pursuing this path in years to come, you shall not regret having tried. The experience shall yet give you valuable skills that will help you in future endeavors. Peruse this career advice article for more on how many paths can benefit your career journey.


Do not presume to know what you have yet to learn.

Academy youngling, though you have learned and grown much, you still have much to learn in the ways of the Force. Do not consider yourself entitled to the positions that you shall attain. 

In your life after college, your power shall best grow by listening to what your experienced colleagues and employers have to say. Seek to listen and learn before you try to teach those who are older than you. Both master and learner have much they can learn from each other.


Sustain your Force connection with others.

The path of the dark side, and of life after college, is frequently a lonely one. After your rebirth, you shall no longer be surrounded by your academy colleagues, but separately making progress on your own goals. The Force connects us all, but in life after college you must redouble your efforts to maintain any relationships that you wish to keep. 

You may also believe yourself to be alone in your career struggles. Having a community of others in your stage of life will help dispel that illusion.


Maintain an open mind to where the Force leads you.


You never know what you shall do or who you shall meet who will change the course of your destiny. Though you may think yourself utterly devoted to the dark side, you may yet meet your long-lost son who shall lead you to bring balance to the Force.

Or, as many before you have done, perhaps you shall meet career connections that lead you to a fulfilling career far from your field of study. Though the Force does not reveal all of the future to us, you must be open to following where it leads to fulfill your destiny.


The Force is strong with you.


I sense greatness in you, academy youngling. Yet, potential is but soil to be cultivated by preparing and researching in your life after college. 

Though you still have much to learn, do not give in to fear, as I did. Embrace your power, hold fast to those you hold dear, and step by step, you shall fulfill your destiny.

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