Career Coaching for Students Can Make 2021 Your Year (Really, This Time)

career coaching career coaching in college career development career growth career planning May 15, 2021

We’re ready for a fresh start. 2020 has been hard on all of us, but especially you. Be proud that you survived this year: you pressed on towards your goals in the strangest year we’ve ever known.

While we can only imagine how overwhelming it must feel to graduate in an environment like this, we want to offer you the best tools to smash your goals for 2021. Don’t go it alone in such a hard year: if you’re going to graduate soon, look into career coaching for students to make sure you don’t just survive, but thrive.


Is career coaching for students worth it?


If we're willing to invest in teachers to help us learn music, sports, and math, why not in our careers? Taking professional lessons sparks faster and deeper growth than looking up YouTube tips ever can, and career coaching does exactly the same thing for your career.

 We know career coaching for students is pricey, especially if you’re strapped for cash. But think about how much you have to navigate on your own if you try to launch your career by yourself:

  • Discerning your goals
  • Researching your specific field
  • Reaching out to your network for informational interviews and referrals
  • Revising your branding materials (resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn)
  • Preparing for interviews and follow ups

 That all takes time to figure out AND do well! While career coaching for students won’t make all that work disappear, it WILL save a lot of time and sanity by streamlining the many steps to reaching your career goals. (And let’s face it—after 2020, we can use as much time and sanity as we can get, huh?)

And if you land a higher-paying, more fulfilling job, then coaching pays itself back in cold, hard cash, too. 

(Crazy thing, though—you can get both group coaching and community for the price of less than a coffee a day!)


Can’t I just go to a career center?

While we absolutely recommend checking out your college career center, they don't have the time and funding to invest in helping you make long-term, informed decisions.

Don't get us wrong, they can be fantastic for connections and quick tips. But a lot of career centers just want to get students any old job right out of college—that's what makes your school’s stats look good, after all. 

So if you want professional help for your own holistic career journey, career coaching is the way to go.


What can I expect from a great career coach?


 Okay, enough talking about why it’s worth it—what IS it?

A coach helps:

  • Examine what drives you: your fears or your strengths? What’s your mental blueprint that’s running the show, and how does that affect your resolutions?
  • Set a baseline to work from—if you don’t know what your reality is now, you have nothing to measure your progress by!
  • Determine what you need to prioritize most.
  • Figure out realistic goals and the timelines for achieving them.
  • Recognize and remove triggers that hold you back and keep you in fear—and teach you how to overcome them every time.

That’s a lot more than just resume help! 

Sure, you could figure it all out yourself, but having a professional walk alongside you helps you set and achieve your goals faster than you ever could on your own.


How do I choose a career coach?

Think about your favorite teachers. How did their style resonate with you? 

We all learn in different styles. Some of us need gentle empathy and encouragement, and some of us are better motivated by a good tough-love kick in the behind. 

Try to get a sense of what a prospective coach’s teaching style is like. Do they have a blog, Instagram, or YouTube channel? Do they post regularly on LinkedIn? If you read their content and think, “Yes, that’s EXACTLY how I feel!”—you’re on the right track!


What does Career Cram offer in its coaching?

Oh, we GOTTA brag about our own coaching perks!

Our founder, Briar Dougherty, has real-world experience from all kinds of perspectives: 

  • Small businesses
  • Corporate offices
  • Startups
  • Non-profits
  • Consulting firms, and more

She worked full-time in college and landed a position in management when she was 20—so she knows how to help you succeed!

Career Cram is built on her experience and her perceptive, practical, and encouraging coaching. So we’re dedicated to giving you actionable career advice that you can continue drawing on for the rest of your life.


We're in this with you.


Maybe you’re sick of hearing “we’re in this together” after 2020 (and, let’s face it, seeing it not really mean anything).

But we’re serious about helping you, and so we mean this in the most concrete ways possible: we are here for you, and we want to help you achieve your goals and live your best life, no matter what the next year has in store.

Want a taste of how career coaching for students can help you achieve your specific career goals? Schedule a consultation with us, or contact us today at our website!



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