The #1 Secret to Major Career Growth and Development

career development career growth Nov 24, 2020


Think of career growth and development like distance running.

You could practice and race on your own. You could get by, but would you know how to correct any bad habits that could hurt you? Would you be able to get yourself out the door on the days you just don’t feel like running? Would you be satisfied with nothing but the sound of your own plodding footsteps to keep you company, mile after mile?

You could run with a group of friends. Not only would meeting with a group help get you out the door, but when you start lagging behind, a friend can encourage you and motivate you to keep up the pace. If your shins start hurting, an experienced friend can teach you how to care for them. And when you’ve finished your run, you can hi-five and get a healthy snack to celebrate.

You could hire a coach. With trusted, individualized advice, you could perfect your technique and hit your goals in record time.

But have you noticed? School cross-country teams usually have both (surprise!). When you combine coaching and community, what do you get?


Okay, well… maybe I exaggerate a little bit. (I doubt Palpatine was much of a runner. His career networking was great, though!)

Runners who run alone may get by, but they’ll improve much more slowly—and they’re more likely to hurt themselves, especially beginners. Your career journey is the same way!

You can absolutely get where you want to go alone. But think of how much further and faster you can improve when you plug into the best-kept secret to success: personalized expert advice AND a community cheering you on.


Do I really need a coach for career growth and development? They’re expensive!

We get it, coaching often comes with a scary sticker price. And let's face it—if you have to choose between personal coaching and tacos, tacos are going to win out every time.

But if you're just starting out, it's critical for you to find these resources NOW. Think about it this way: when you pay for coaching, you're not just paying someone to give you "advice." You're also getting these mental benefits and opportunities:

  • Chances at higher paying jobs
  • Peace of mind
  • Skills that you’ll build on all the way up until you retire
  • Saved time and sanity from trying to figure out things on your own

Hmm. Tacos are losing a little bit of the lead now aren't they? (Okay, who are we kidding? Tacos always win, but what if I said you COULD get all that coaching goodness for less than the price of a latte a day? Now we're talkin'! More on that later.)

Yeah, we know the inter-webs are practically teeming with career advice. But how do you know where to start? What to prioritize? What actually applies for your specific field of interest? Career coaching speaks into your situation here, now, and for the future. 

College career centers are a great start, but they often don’t have the time to explore the nuances of your journey and decisions. Many career centers primarily help students land jobs, which is important of course, but a great coach will help walk you through the complexities of making the best decisions for your career future—a journey that also encompasses your unique personality, professional branding, passions, and gifts.

Okay, but what about community? It’s my own career journey after all, isn’t it?


Distance runners submit their times individually, but they still benefit from practicing with a team.

I remember when I was a high school senior applying for college: while our outcomes were our own, we could still support each other because we were all going through the same thing. 

New college grads don’t seem to have that kind of community. Maybe because the post-grad timeline varies more than that of high school grads. But community doesn’t have to be elusive!

In community, you can draw from each other’s experiences. Sometimes, the best advice is what you hear told to others, not yourself. And you never know if you may end up finding yourself in someone else’s position later on.

When you learn that others are in the same boat as you—the deafening silence after dozens of job applications, the jitters in your stomach right before an interview, the fear that maybe you’re just not good enough—you find strength to carry on.

And as you encourage and learn from each other, you also add to your network. You never know how someone you meet may change your path for the better!

This all sounds great, but… where do I even find a career coach and team?


Unfortunately, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” options here. Sometimes, you’re best off with specific, trusted connections or in associations with the field of your choice.  

But what if you could access quality career coaching and community for less than a latte a day?

Career Cram offers group coaching in the following areas:

  • Branding help: polishing your resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile to be as shiny and irresistible as possible.
  • Interviewing: learning how to prepare, practice, follow-up, and negotiate.
  • Long-term career planning: finding direction for your future.
  • Access to a community forum where you can run your race together.

Whatever you need in your career journey, we’re here to listen and help.

Whatever you do, don’t do it alone.

Whether you have specific questions, just don’t know where to start, or are burnt out and need an uplifting word from a friend, Career Cram can guide you toward the clarity and community you need in your successful career growth and development. Each career journey is unique, but one secret ingredient can accelerate anyone’s growth to new levels: the winning combination of coaching and community.

Curious? Learn more about Career Organic and our affordable career coaching options here. The race is long and uncertain; don’t run it alone!

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